Friday, October 06, 2006


They dubbed this "The Year of Technology" for me after I opened my dad's gift. I cradled my cute little ipod Nano in my hands and laughed while I agreed with them. First the laptop, then an ipod? How would I keep up with all these fancy new things?

I gave Billy an ipod for Christmas. I perused the Apple store for the right model for him, and while I caressed the slender electronics, I wondered whether or not I should invest in one for myself.

I set the sleek black ipod back into its holder on the store's counter. Nah, I reasoned, I have satellite radio, I don't need an ipod. I mean, sure it would be nice to have all my music in one place, rather than having to dig through all of my CD cases to find my music, but I pay Sirius money every year for convenient music. And, yeah, it would be nice to have an ipod at the gym, since my old-school walkman skips with my every step on the treadmill...But, hey, the way I'm doing it now works just fine. I don't mind making my workout CDs. I kind of enjoy it, in fact.

But, after Christmas, while Billy learned about his new toy, while we downloaded every song we could ever remember enjoying to fill up his 7,000 song capacity, I'll admit: I was jealous. I loved it on car rides, and could only imagine the ease with which I could create work-out, driving and love song mixes. I envied all of it, the way it was organized, its convenience. I wanted one.

So when I opened the tiny box from my father, which I had suspected was jewelry, I was thrilled. I immediately thought of the songs I could listen to at the gym, while I was sweating my way through an hour of cardio. And I couldn't believe my dad had knew would enjoy it.

The little OCD girl that lives inside of me is having a field day with this, the thought of organizing all of my music onto my new computer, and downloading that onto my new ipod. I'm even more elated to organize those songs into little lists with names like, "Work it, Bitch" for the gym and "Breaking up is hard to do" for my much-loved breakup songs.

I may be bad at blogging for the next few days while I tinker with my new toys.


The Editter said...

and "songs you would love if you were black" in honour of portuguesa nova!

Anonymous said...

Oooh an nano, too much fun! You are going to love it.

tumbleweed said...

giirl! i bought my nano just for my workouts and now there's no way i can take my jogs without it. have fun!