Saturday, September 16, 2006

Another Saturday, Another List

1. This morning, before work, I was watching Vh1, and I was hit with the trifecta of music I can't stand. Applying my makeup, I was subject first to Nikelback's Far Away, then Five for Fighting's The Riddle, then that goddamn Hinder song, Lips of an Angel. All in a row. I wanted to scream. Those three songs are haunting my life. They're everywhere. And it's driving me nuts.

But, aside from a few songs I can't seem to escape, it's a good month for music. It really is.

First of all, I got the new Justin Timberlake CD, which really rocks my world. I mean, I hate admitting that I like it, but I can't help it: I do. It makes me want to dance while I'm driving my car. And, actually, if you must know, I think it's rife with good stripper songs. Honestly. Not that I'd know anything about that.

Then, I ordered what has the potential to be my new favorite CD on James Morrison. After worrying that I'd only be able to hear his songs on his myspace page because he's not released in the US, I, at the advice of my lovely readers, ordered the damn thing from the British site. I was advised it would take 6 - 10 business days to get to me, but I got the email yesterday that said the album had been "dispatched" already. This gives me great hope, as the day before I got word that something else I'd ordered online (A World Cup Ghana jersey for Billy from had been dispatched the previous day, and I got the thing yesterday. I don't mean to celebrate before there's cause for it, but this gives me reason to believe that I'll have my CD early next week.

And then, this morning, as I watched the aforementioned Vh1, their Jump Start bumper displayed the Upcoming Releases. And do you know what was on it? JONNY LANG. My favorite guy. And even though it got a sort of crappy review on Amazon, I'm buying that shit on Tuesday the 19th - The day it comes out. Why? Because I love him. And I have to support the artists I love so that they keep coming out with music.

I don't think I'll even have the sort of time it's going to take to listen to all of these goodies. Which is a really delicious predicament to be in.

2. Before recently, I had never really purchased anything online. But as my purchases have started coming in, I can see how this could be addictive. There's something terribly wonderful about expecting and getting packages in the mail! Who knew!

3. We seem to have run head first into autumn. The days around here were, not too long ago, hot and sunny, thick with humidity and stifling. But now, rainy days and temperatures that won't break 70 have catapulted us into my favorite season. The other day, driving home, I saw the first of many trees to turn red.

Back in July, I decided that my ringer should be Summertime, by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. But seeing the trees and feeling the fall, it seems that Summertime is no longer appropriate. So I went onto Sprint's website and dug around for a new ringer, and then I found it, one of my favorite songs of all time: Al Green, Here I am (Come and Take Me), which I promptly downloaded and set as my ringer.

4. I may also be addicted to downloading songs as ringers for my phone.

5. Yeah, I know I'm a geek.

6. Last night, I cooked dinner!

Well, that's what I'm telling everybody anyway. What really happened is that I went over to Alex and Nancy's for Alex's birthday. Nancy, amazing chef that she is, was cooking Alex the Cuban his favorite ethnic dish: Ropa Vieja. Alex and I sat and talked over red wine while Nancy got three pots going on the stove, and, at the same time, set to the task of shredding the cooked beef by hand. "Do you need help?" I asked, over the kitchen bar.

"No, I've got it," she said, her hands pulling apart the tender meat and dropping it onto a dish. "Unless you want to help me do this," she held up strings of beef.

"Sure," I said, dramatically setting my wine glass on the counter, and sauntering to her side of the bar, like a soldier going into battle.

She left me to the task, while I continued to chat with her and Alex. I was much slower than her at the shredding, but she didn't seem to mind.

"Look at you," Alex said. "In a kitchen? This is a day for the record books."

"Yes," I replied, my eyes on the beef. "It is indeed. I'm going to put this on my business card, 'Meat-Shredder.'"

"Put it on your resume," he offered.

"Yes, but I'll say I cooked a whole dinner on my resume."

Alex nodded in accord. "Yes. Because people lie on those things all the time anyway."

It's pathetic, the fact that everyone in my life knows that I am useless in the kitchen.

7. I'm going to New York City tonight with some lady-friends for a night full of drinks and dancing. I'm dressing up in black slacks, a sexy top, and sexier shoes.

But, have you ever feel like one of the Beverly Hillbillies? Yeah, that's how I'll be feeling tonight. Because, as I've said before, something about New York City makes me feel like a little country bumpkin. Like, no matter what I have on, I might as well be wearing overalls and a straw hat. If I wear jeans, I feel like people are saying "Oh my god, look at that girl, wearing jeans in a club. She must be from Pennsylvania." And if I wear something dressy, I feel like people are saying "Oh my god. Look at that girl, all dressed up in a club. She's trying so hard. She must be from Pennsylvania." I feel like I can't win.

But I'll be with roughly nineteen other chicks, who are all dressing up, too. So there's strength in numbers.

Or it may just mean that people will say "Oh my god, look at those girls...They must be from Pennsylvania."

8. Last night, after dinner, Nancy and Alex and I went to a bar and watched a grown man get thoroughly and completely wasted on three glasses of Chardonnay. He got up to leave and fell over. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who can't hold my wine.

7. I'm sticking to vodka tonight.


steph said...

Cooking is something you have to enjoy doing to be good at. If you don't like to cook you don't ever practice. I got really good in the kitchen after I had kids... you get tired of kid food all the time and try to get stuff that everyone will enjoy. If you want any super easy but impressive recipes let me know!

Liz said...

Somehow I doubt that you and country bumpkin belong in the same sentence. Have a wonderful time.

Oh and the cooking. My mom is a gourmet cook, so I always felt intimidated by cooking and never really took interest in it. It wasn't until I live on my own ( for quite awhile), I picked up the knack and now love it.

kate said...

I also love Justin's new cd. He is a smoking hot boy.

tiff said...

I thought by the time I was 26 I'd have a really sophisticated taste in music and boys.

But I still love Justin. Damn him and his Star Quality. Because he totally has it.

Have fun in the city! At least you can drive over to NYC to be ridiculed! I take the time to fly in the city, only to be wearing everything wrong and have the people whispering, "She must be from Michigan."