Thursday, April 20, 2006

Some Things...

1. We leave for Belize in ONE WEEK! Less than a week, actually, since our flight is early Thursday morning. I can't wait. I'm thinking of the beach, of the warm air. Of an uninterrupted week with my amazing boyfriend. Did I mention I can't wait?

2. Things I've done in preparation for my trip:

  • Permed my hair.
  • Thought about the trip.

3. Things I haven't done yet, that I need to do in preparation for my trip:

  • Gone tanning.
  • Stopped eating.
  • Gone shopping, successfully.
  • Considered what I should and should not bring.
  • Found "appropriate" shoes.
  • Even considered finding "appropriate" shoes.
  • Pedicure.
  • Considered how little space I will have in my backpack.
  • Even seen the backpack.
  • Thought about packing the backpack.

4. I have, however, been going to the gym. And even though I didn't want to go last night, I went. I only had half an hour, so I decided to take half of the kickboxing class I normally take on Wednesday night. The problem? We had a substitute teacher. Who, apparently, has never heard of the word "rhythm." Nor has she encountered "flow." And, apparently, she wasn't very good at math. Because when she said we'd be doing "Four punches, four kicks," she decided to switch it up on us every time. Sometimes it was three punches and five kicks. Sometimes four and two. We didn't know. It was a mystery. She proceeded with no regard to the music, and then abruptly stopped one move to explain the next one. There was no following her. Which resulted in a classfull of women, jumping, kicking and punching haphazardly and randomly. It was hard to contain the laughter. The class started out with eight women in it. When I quit after my half hour, there were three remaining. I felt cheated out of a workout. So if I feel fat in Belize, I'm going to blame on that teacher.

5. As far as shopping for the trip, I decided I'd have to do it after work one day, by myself. Because I'm just one of those women who cannot shop with other people. Not at this point, anyway. The only trouble with that is, my car, Gwen, isn't exactly starting all the time, which proves difficult when I'm considering going to a mall with the intent to actually get home. I mean, she'll start, but she sort of click-clicks her way through a few revolutions before she gives in and starts. Which is just an abduction/rape/murder waiting to happen, really. Me, in my car, clicking away, in an empty mall parking lot. I'm thinking it's one of a few things: Starter (obvious solution), clutch, battery or bad gas. I don't know. And I have every intention to take her in to get fixed, it's just that I don't want to get slammed with a big repair bill before I go away. Maybe I'll put her in the infirmary while I'm gone. And I'll worry about the repair when I get home.

6. The perm has loosened up nicely. I'm actually quite happy with it. There are two windows of time, however, during my day that I hate it: As soon as I wake up, when it's frizzy and weird looking...And HUGE. And right after I wash it and put my $14 Curl Creme in it, when it just sort of lays on my head in tight little curls. But when it dries, it looks awesome. And, save for a few straight pieces in front (which I don't freakin' understand, but whatever), I'm really happy. I offer the accompanying picture as proof, with the condition that you disregard what would appear to be 80s bangs on my forehead. It just fell that way. My apologies. And, although this picture suggests otherwise, yes, I do have a neck.

7. It's so warm out now. I'm thrilled. It's actually spring. In celebration of this fact, I have begun to wear my favorite open-toed shoes. Every day I sport a new pair, which is nothing short of wonderful for me. My toes have felt claustrophobic from my winter boot selection. However, I went to a construction site yesterday (don't ask) in my high heeled sandals, and got all sorts of shit from the guys there that my shoes weren't OSHA approved. And I told them they could all suck it because it's spring and I'm wearing my high-heeled, inappropriate shoes, damnit. Even if I do have to traverse gravel, uncut lumber and rough tiling. Because I can.

8. I actually have a few things to do today, which is huge for me. I should go and, uh, do them.

9. I don't know how to end this post, so I'm going to do it....NOW!


Casey said...

How exciting! I was supposed to go to Belize two or three years ago, when I was on a Carnival cruise. There was some strike going on with the transportation workers, so we were redirected to Cancun, I think.

Anyway, I hope you and Billy have the time of your life next week.

By the way, your hair looks great!

NJ said...

I really tried to concentrate on what you wrote, but I couldn't believe I forgot how good looking you were. ;-)

Jasika said...


ugh....You are going to have the time of your life, backpack, trashbag...WHATEVER!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't stop eating, whatever calories you don't eat that your body needs for the day your body stores as fat. I think you look great, but if you want to drop a good 5 lbs before you leave do weight watchers. I've lost 4 pounds since last friday and I feel great and it's soooo easy, try it out! I hope you and Billy have a wonderful time! I'm so jealous :( Have fun!

kate said...

love the new pics. have a great time.

Tiffany said...

LOVE the hair! SO Jealous!

And don't worry about the bugs too much... Someone told me once that "forgeign" bugs won't bite you when you're traveling because you don't taste right or something... I dunno but I'd just go with it!

You guys are going to have a blast!

Popeye said...

I really like the new pictures, too.
Belize. . . I just need to get away from here so badly that anywhere sounds good by Belize sounds particularly good. Have a great time.

God's gift to women (with really low standards) said...
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Laurie said...

Thanks everybody (except for Dale...Who is the authority on all things FAT. OOOH! ZING!) for the compliments and for the well wishes.

An update of sorts: Billy presented me with The Backpack last night. It's a real backpacking backpack. With zippers and buckles and pockets and whatnot. It stretches the entire length of my back. But, somehow, it still seems small.

I'm scared, y'all.

Laurie said...

Oh, Dale, now that you took your comment down, I look like the asshole...

Now I'm just making some random and apparently unwarranted fat joke. Thanks. Thanks a lot.