Friday, April 07, 2006

Dry Spell

I'm sorry. I just have nothing to write about.

I have things on my mind, but nothing I can write about here. And it's so all-consuming that I just can't focus on anything even mildly creative. Four posts have fallen victim to the delete button already, each one of them lacking quality, passion and clear thought.

I keep trying, but nothing's coming out.

It's time like these that I feel the worst. Verbal constipation. When I can't express what's running through my mind, the tension in my body builds on itself, multiplying exponentially until I all but shut down. Or at least my skills of self-expression go on hiatus.

The worst part is, the thoughts sprinting around in my brain aren't bad. They're just monotonous, aggravating, simple things. Like, I have to get to the gym, I have to start tanning (even thought I've never tanned before and I don't really want to...I just don't want to wind up with a sun rash on my trip), I have to make a hair appointment, I have to seriously consider what I want to pack, all jokes about high-maintenance needs aside. I have to get all my bills paid before I leave, I have to figure out if I want to pay off my car now or wait until after I get back. I have to figure out how much money I'll be taking. I have PMS. There are other things, too. Personal items best left out of a public forum.

So, I'm hoping this is just a weird phase that passes, that something great will happen today (or tonight) to get me thinking about something good instead of itemized responsibilities and small grievances.

Also, the fact that it's cold and rainy out isn't helping matters. Weather like this tends to make me somber and introverted. (I could make a joke here about Blame it on the Rain and Milli Vanilli, but I won't.)

Let's hope I'm back to normal tomorrow. Or later today. Because I can't even stand myself right now.


Shawn said...

Maybe I can help...

Ummm, your hair looks fantastic. Don't worry about the car, a few weeks won't matter much. Pack a swimsuit, two shirts, a skirt, a pair of shorts (even though you don't like them) and a pair o' pants, some socks and underoos, and the new lightweight hiking boots you should buy.

Take more money than you think you'll need. Spend it...the people down there probably need it more than you.

PMS??? You're out of luck on that one. It will pass...eventually. But, I'm a boy, so what do I know?

On the personal items best left out of a public forum... Drink lots of cranberry juice.

This service is free for friends and blog buddies and was brought to you by Sesame Street and the letter 'S'.

God's gift to women (with really low standards) said...

You could write about how awesome and sexy I am. That should be a good 3-5 pages o' blog. And don't act like that's not on your mind. That's probably what's causing this writer's block. It's ok. Let it all out. word verification is icyhiv.

Kristi said...

i have PMS too. Its jsut annoying and I work with men and they are annoying me too.
The thoughts will flood soon.
Jsut keep focused.
i havcen't read your stuff for a bit.
i've been so self-absorbed this last week.
I will need to pour myself a glass or 5ive of wine and catch up!
tonight or tomorrow I will get my Laurie fix!

Take care Sweety!