Friday, April 21, 2006

Good Thing I Won't Know Anyone in Belize*

So, I think I may have found the "appropriate" shoe I was ordered to buy. It is pictured at left and, naturally, I'm leaning toward the pink. Although it doesn't say anything about this particular shoe that I've selected, the internet tells me that this shoe's sibling (looks the same, but is made by another company) is waterproof, which means, if I had to, I could go traipsing about in waterfalls. I know that the fact that they do not completely envelop my foot proves a tad challenging in the face of hiking and running, but a girl has to draw the line somewhere. I don't see a heel on those things, and I KNOW I see tread. So I think I have compromised plenty.

Luckily, the local huntin' fishin' hikin' store right around where I work (I work in the country, down the street from a both a very large lake and a smallish lake, and just in front of a lot of state land. There is much huntin' and fishin' and hikin' going on around where I work.) carries this type of, ahem, footwear, so I should be able to try one on and wear it home, if I felt so inclined. Which I doubt I will. But at least I won't have to worry about shipping time.

There's another version of this shoe that fastens snugly around the foot. With oh-so-lovely velcro. Although I know that was what Billy was referring to when he said I needed "sport sandals," and though I do not doubt the added comfort and security of this particular variety of "sport sandal," I must pass. I think the "full-grain leather uppers" on the thong I've chosen are thick enough to keep my foot in place if necessary. And if this exact version happens to not be waterproof, I don't mind. I'll wear in the water anyway. Because I'm crazy like that. (And also because I doubt I'll wear them that often when I'm not in Belize. Though, I must admit, those pink ones are quite cute.)

So that's it. Now all I have to do is find a few skirts, maybe a pair of capris, about nine more bathing suits and a way to fit all of my shit into a backpack, and I'm all set to go.

*Because the people I know here would see me wearing a sandal made by nature-loving company Columbia as the first sign of Armageddon. And we wouldn't want to scare them.


The Editter said...

I slipped down a waterfall in South America right into the water. My sports sandals stayed on, yours wouldn't! But, on the bright side, I was thinking about you saying how you need something that you're good at that you can talk about, and I think you should write the non-backpacking girl's guide to backpacking!

Doug said...

I feel your pain getting things ready for vacation. I could really have used a trip to the mall to get some jeans. Particualary since I dropped a whole size.

Laurie said...

Oh my God, Editter, that's an awesome idea! Seriously. I think I'll be taking notes along those lines as we travel Belize!

Doug, I'm glad you can empathize. And congrats on dropping a whole size. If I did that, you better believe I'd have already purchased a whole new wardrobe by now. You know, sort of a celebration shopping trip. But I guess boys and girls are different that way. :)