Friday, February 17, 2006

Random Afternoon

So, I do a lot of blog-reading. A lot. Like, an inordinate amount of my day is spent checking and re-checking that list of blogs on the right to see if they've been updated. Along with a handful of others that are either saved as favorites on my computer (I've been too lazy to add them as links) or from links on other people's sites.

And I follow the daily life of so many people that I get a little, I guess, weird about it. I actually caught myself referring to an awesome fellow blogger - with whom I've never exchanged personal words beyond comments - as a "friend from Ann Arbor." Huh? And then, of course, I have a small network of people who have become what I consider to be friends through the blog. (Casey and Dale and Scoot and NJ and Julie fall into this category. And they're all familiar with my horrible KIT skills.)

But then, there are some blogs that I've never commented on. But I read them daily. And two of these just recently came out with big news. One of the bloggers announced a pregnancy, an engagement, and a miscarriage in the space of three days. One just announced a pregnancy.

And it's so strange, but I totally wanted to tell someone "Oh my God! Guess who's pregnant! [Insert Blogger's Name Here]! Can you believe it? I'm so happy for her!" And "Oh my God! [Blogger] is engaged! Isn't that wonderful!" But I'm pretty much the only person I know who is deeply involved in this whole blogging thing. So no body would know who I'm talking about.

But isn't it strange to get this involved in some stranger's life? I mean, I love it, don't get me wrong...But isn't it a bit peculiar to realize that you've just felt genuine glee or sorrow for someone you've never met? I can't believe how close I feel to some of these bloggers.

Is that strange?


Melina said...

It IS strange...but it's so cool too. I love that people open their lives up for me to read about, to comment on and to enjoy.

NJ said...

It's not strange to me. :-) I feel exactly the same way.

Lunchy McBox said... think we're friends. That's so cute. I'd pat you on the head if you weren't a billion miles away.

I'm only joking. You're a badass. You know that. I'm honored to be your e-friend.

Michele said...

There are a lot of blogs that I read daily, (including yours) but never comment. It is kind of strange knowing all these details about someone you have never met.

I have found myself mentioning my IIF's as if I know them in real life, luckily only to fellow bloggers.

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

I have a few "blog" friends who are also "real life" friends and we catch ourselves doing that all the time!

Seriously... Sometimes I feel like a stalker!

kate said...

it's completely bizarre, but i feel the same way. i'm so attached to some of the friends i've made from blogging. i feel like i've known them forever and i constantly talk about them to my "real" friends and they have no clue. they think i'm a loser. lol.

The Editter said...

I keep saying stuff like "this woman whose blog I read..." (usually referring to your friend in Ann Arbor!)

It's not weird, you do know a lot about the kind of people bloggers who you read a lot are.

I met a blogger who said she described me to her workmates as a penpal (because she didn't want her workmates knowing about her blog!). She was exactly how I thought she'd be, cos her personality came across so well in her writing. Yay for blogbuddies!

portuguesa nova said...

Ha! I totally do this too. It was easier to do when I was in Chicago and had real life friends and acquaintances with whom I came into contact every I could disguise the stories..."Today, this girl I know got a new job..."...and if I was ever questioned about the name of "this girl I know", I could make something up like, "Um, she's from work, you don't know her."

But here, where I know no one, anytime I come out with an anecdote involving someone other than me, my husband or the people who work at the grocery store, I always get the same creeped out response from my friends, "You're talking about someone's blog post, aren't you?"

They just don't get it.