Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fit for a King

We have a new mattress! It's a King Size Kingsdown mattress; Plush and without the body-shaped valley in the middle.

It comes today.

The search for this mattress has been long and trying. The born negotiator that Billy is, he refuses to accept the retail cost of anything. Many of our shopping excursions include the phrase "Can you do any better on that?" This phrase always falls from his lips, not mine. And, you know what? They usually can do better.

He got the mattress at a price that can only be described as obscenely low when compared to the original price. I thought he was crazy, going from one mattress store to another trying for the best deal. But, as it turns out, he was right. He actually got the damn thing at the price he wanted to pay for it.

And, tonight, we will be sleeping on our brand new mattress. Which means we will also be on brand-new sheets, and we will not have to claw our way out of the canyon in the center of the bed.

I'm so excited!


eypo said...

It's not often you find a man who's frugal in the good way but also willing to spend money on the woman he loves :). My admiration goes out to you and your man.

Laurie said...

That's so true, eypo. Thank you.