Monday, February 13, 2006


Not to state the obvious or anything, but Valentine's Day is tomorrow. And because I have this wonderful boyfriend who makes me blissfully happy, it's fun for me to reflect on Ghosts of Valentine's Days Past - The Horrible, the Just Sorta Bad and the Good.

Reflect with me, respectively: Here, here and here.

Also, I appreciate all the help and comments with regard to my question about Divinities's design.

Because DesignGuy said it would be costly to get a new one, and I'm not really a fan of the other templates Blogger provides, it looks like we'll be staying the same (but what about a banner? Would that be any easier, DesignGuy?)...And yesterday I actually put my digital camera in my purse, which means that it'll be with me everywhere that I go. Billy's camera is the same as mine, so it should be relatively easy to hook my camera up to the computer at his house. Which means that, yes, I will (hopefully) be posting pictures very, very soon.

Nude ones.

No, not really.

But I will post pictures.

That all being said, I'm actually quite busy here at work today...Which means that I don't really have the time right now to devote to a real post. Later tonight, hopefully.

But anyway, Happy Valentine's Day Eve!


kate said...

i hope you and billy have a great one.

Anonymous said...

You are very lucky to have the kind of man that you do. I hope you and Billy have a wonderful Valentines Day.

DesignGuy said...

Changing your banner would be very simple. The only requirement would be hosting for the custom banner. If you don't have any available web space (Sometimes your ISP offers free web space) to keep the graphic you could upload the banner to a free image hosting site like ( A lot of eBay users use this service. Then you just have to change the code for the current banner graphic in your blogger HTML template (in your dashboard) to point to the path where the custom graphic is hosted.

If you really want to do this and you really want some help I could possibly assist - for free of course.

Laurie said...

Thank you for the V-day well wishes! Regardless of what we do, I'm sure the day will be lovely. I don't think we'll be going out (we may go to our favorite restaurant for dinner...), but I'm just stoked to have someone I'm so crazy about, who makes me so happy, for once.

DesignGuy...I may have to ask for your help....But I guess first I'd have to come up with a picture to make into my banner, huh? Hmm...If you don't mind, email me (my address is on the right-side-bar) with any advice you can give me... I'd really appreciate it. (You can just point me in the right direction, if you don't mind. I think a banner change is something I could handle, don't you?)

Anyway, thank you so much for your help. It's truly appreciated!

The Editter said...

there isn't anything wrong with your template (it's the same as mine!), as one of your readers said, we come here for the words. Having said that, personalisation is cool. It's one of my aims this year, to personalise my template - but it sounds hard.

good luck!