Monday, March 13, 2006

Another List! Because I'm Lazy!

1. I noticed something this weekend: Whenever I go to a fast food joint, I feel lucky as I'm pulling up to the restaurant because I see that no one is in the drive-thru line. Then, invariably, by the time I make it through the parking lot, some station wagon with Missouri plates, packed to the brim with traveling accoutrements and at least one whole family smushed inside gets there before me. And they always have, like, fourteen orders for their one car; and every order is customized. But before they place those orders, they take a good ten minutes to peruse the "menu," leaving me frustrated and angry behind them. I just want to order my $0.99 Jr. Cheeseburger!

2. Even when we're fighting, my boyfriend is lovely enough to still call me, as he does every night, to tell me he's on his way home.

3. When two people just don't have the energy to argue, tiffs get solved with lightning speed. Friday night, Billy says to me: "Are we done fighting?" And I say "Are we?" And he says "I hope so," and I say "Me, too." Then he says "Do you love me?" his voice exhausted and weary, and I say "Of course I do. Do you love me?" And he says "Yes, I love you." And then we nod like we're satisfied with that and the fight is over. That is so nice.

4. We are not fighting anymore. Thank God.

5. The first half hour or so of Full Metal Jacket really upsets me. I hate that they pick on Private Pile like they do. I just feel so sad for him the entire time. He's so big and awkward...And they're just so mean. I always spend the first half of that movie wearing a grimace, so heartbroken for poor Pile. And, as soon as he goes nuts and "avenges" his treatment, I always fall asleep. Friday night was no different. I was sad for Pile, I watched him go crazy and I zonked out. I've seen that movie probably ten times, and I have never made it past that part.

6. The only time you can actually get into cleaning a living room is when a nice new TV is being delivered in less than an hour.

7. It will also inspire your boyfriend to hook up the surround sound speakers that you've been using as a makeshift table for the past seven months.

8. Billy is really sick. He's home right now on his first sick day in five years. And after work today, it will be my girlfriendly duty (which I'm happy to perform) to take care of him. Which means only one thing: I, too, will be sick shortly.

9. Everyone at the office is upset today. Not with one another, but with one problem customer. Everyone is frustrated and angry and irritated...And this is the one day I was here early. Couldn't I have come into this fiasco later?

Happy Monday!


Tides In said...

I love #3. For some reason, after all that, that could be one of the best feelings. ;-)

freewriter said...

damn! i miss having a girlfrined to give TLC when i'm sick.