Saturday, December 17, 2005


I watch you walk into a room, with your slouchy posture and your mane of curls, and it does something to me. I feel your presence in my stomach, in my chest. In other places. And when you look at me, with your eyelids at half-mast and a smile conquering your mouth, I feel it all the way to my toes. These days, with the front yard buried in snow, I watch you walk in the door, all bundled up, stomping the snow from your boots. I see it every night at nine o'clock, but still I can't look away. I smile while I observe your ritual, waiting for you to notice me. And when you do, when you give me that smile and start making your way to me, I feel giddy. After a long day, your arms around me and your lips on the crown of my head is my nightcap. My day is complete.

And you know me. Like telepathy, you reach out lay your hands on me just as I was thinking that I wish you would. The feel of your long fingers over thick winter sweaters and flimsy cotton PJs gives me chills. I love that you can tell when I'm upset by my eyes alone; that you can see what I'm searching for in my pupils. I love that you know I'm angry by my eyebrows, that you can pinpoint the way I feel by looking at my face. I've never felt like an open book around anyone. But, after only four shorts months, I know that you know me.

I love that you're patient with me. That you drag out of me the complaints I'd rather leave unsaid. That you don't fight with me, you talk to me. I love that you reassure me when I need it. When I feel insecure, you coddle me just as I need. And when you've probably said enough to give me back the confidence I was lacking, you go ahead and say just a little bit more, for good measure. You remind me that you love me, that I deserve to be treated well. You tell me I'm beautiful and sexy and good to you. You haven't let my fear and trepidation stop you from loving me. You saw the me who was lost for so long, and you were patient in letting her evolve.

You aren't afraid to show me you love me in little ways. Like going outside in your pajama bottoms, winter coat and unlaced boots to scrape the ice from my car after a storm. Warming it up for me before I leave so I won't have to be cold on my way to work. Like ordering dessert because you know I like something sweet after every meal. Like getting a drink for me without me even asking for it. And that makes me so eager to give back to you, tenfold, what you give to me. I forgot what it was like to want to make someone happy, and you reminded me.

You make me count my blessings. I wasn't even looking and I found you. And I couldn't be happier.


kate said...

you make me long to have someone like that in my life laurie.

Kristi said...

I'm happy for you Laurie