Friday, November 11, 2005

Quite a Conundrum

My boyfriend is having work problems...And, now, so am I.

It's Friday, November 11th: Veteran's Day. I thought I'd be using this paid holiday to get my hair cut and perhaps do some reading. But, instead, I went on a job interview.

A few weeks ago, a customer of mine called up looking to see if I knew anyone interested in working for him. He owns a successful business and is interested in finding the right person to become one of his three (very well paid) employees.

As it turns out, I am that person.

I interviewed today, and in all honesty, the job sounds perfect for me. I've known this buisnessman since I started at the bank four years ago. His company is successful and everything he does is top quality. He's nice and we've always gotten along well. The job offers good pay (it would take me at least three more years at the bank to make up what he's offering me to start), health benefits, a good working environment, the option of upward mobility, "the sky's the limit" as far as income goes. I wouldn't be locked into any sort of position, I'd get the whole week between Christmas and New Years off (PAID!). I'd have to work every other Saturday, but only from ten to three. The option is there for me to attend classes to learn more about the profession, therefore earning more money. The more the company makes, he said, the more I make. I'd be, technically, in sales, but my primary function would be point of contact between the customers and my employer. There would be bonuses, maybe some trade shows; I'd be involved in marketing and PR. It sounds perfect for me.

But I'm terrified.

I'm terrified that I'll hate it, that I won't be good at it, that I'll be making a mistake. I'm terrified to tell my boss that I'm leaving him after four years of faithful service. I'm terrified that I'll be in over my head, that I'll disappoint them. I'm terrified of change.

EVEN THOUGH I'm really not that happy with my current job. Yes, I love my boss, yes, I love my customers, and yes, I know what I'm doing...But as far as moving up, I'm stuck. And making money? I'm in the wrong business if I'm interested in getting not even rich, but comfortable.

I've stayed where I am for so long because it's safe. Because I didn't go to college, and my job didn't require a degree. It's close to home. I know what I can get away with. It's stable... There's security....

There's just no money.

I've been living paycheck to paycheck since I moved out of my parents' house. I can't do this forever. And staying at the bank will only offer me maybe a $0.50 raise a year, if I'm lucky. You may remember when I got my "raise" this year, I was far from happy with it. I wanted to leave then, but I lacked the motivation.

And now the opportunity has fallen into my lap.

But I just don't know. I'm full of fear...

And I told him I'd have an answer by Monday...



Lulu said...

My Mom worked at a bank for a couple of years. One of her customers thought a lot of her, and always talked to her when he came to make his deposits. One day, he told her that his assistant quit, and he needed a new one. Then he asked her if she would do it. She worked for him ofr 16 years, until he retired. She went from a bank to a dentist office...completely unrelated. He became like a grandfather to me. He helped me trough college by creating a little position for me, and was so proud when I graduated.

I think you should do this. Life is an adventure. Even if this job doesn't work out for you, you are young. You have a great work history. From the perspective of someone who brgrudgingly went into sales related fields, it is not bad at all. I actually really enjoy doing PR. You get paid to make friends. How fun is that? It seems like when he called you for the a name, he clearly had one in mind, YOU.

These things happen for a reason!

Good luck!

Scoot said...

Nah, you said it yourself: Your raise kinda stunk this year. Take the challegne. If it doesn't scare the hell out of you, it's not worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

do it sis, you deserve it.

Tiffany said...

Do it. You'll kick yourself if you don't at least TRY... And bank jobs are a dime a dozen (I know - I have one too). If it doesn't work out you can always use your experience to get another bank position.

Small companies are the best and a boss who appreciates your efforts AND is in a postion to show you his appreciation financially is a wonderful and rare thing.

You should go for it. A new wonderful man and a new wonderful job all in the same year? Lucky, lucky woman!

God's gift to women (with really low standards) said...

Did you forget that you are Laurie the Badass? It sounds to me like you did. You are going to be awesome at whatever you do. Don't be scared. Everything will work out in the end. This sounds like an awesome opportunity for you. You should jump on it.

Casey said...

Laurie, Laurie, Laurie... what are you thinking? DO IT!!!

You have been a faithful employee for four years. If you give your notice, along with your motivations for the change, no reasonable boss will begrudge you the move.

I am a supervisor to six people, and if any one of them found an opportunity elsewhere that I couldn't match or beat, I would wish them the best of luck and give a sparkling letter of reference.

I'm sure if this new opportunity doesn't work out, the bank will take you back in one position or another. You have what it takes to do this.

If you still can't decide, imagine this: you, ten years from now, at the same desk, using the same computer, making maybe $2.00/hour more than you make now. Is that really what you want?

Kristi said...

take it!

it'll be a HUGE change, but do it.

You've got a strong partner that will be able to support you emotionally with the ups and downs you're sure to experience.
You'll be fine.
jsut remember to leae on good terms.
Just in case you might want to go back!

I send you a hug

Popeye said...

Ya know, sometimes we're up to our neck in shit.
But happy it's warm.

Go with shitless.

NJ said...

Yeah, what they said. Remember sometimes good things do happen to good people. :-)

tumbleweed said...

if you fall there are plenty of people to catch you. don't be a weenie! now go kick ass ;) (I know you can).

kate said...

are you crazy? you definitely have to say yes laurie. i'm in the same position (well except for the fab new job opportunity) as i've been in this job for ten years. i want to leave so desperately but i love my boss and i'm terrified of change. you have to do it.