Friday, November 18, 2005


Last night, I talked to my new boss on the phone. "Oh," he said, his voice cautious. "About your pay." I was making coffee for Billy at Turkey Hill as we spoke, stirring five packets of sugar into the 16oz cup, my phone caught between my hunched-up shoulder and my ear. I stopped stirring when he spoke, preparing myself for the worst. "It turns out, your paycheck will be a little higher than we discussed."

"Excuse me?" I held the little black stirrer completely still, afraid that I really had heard wrong.

"Your pay," he said again. "It'll be a little higher than we expected."

He went on to detail my salary, and how it'll be calculated on a workweek longer than the one I have now. "You won't always work that many hours, but I figure it all balances out."

My salary increase will be over three times what I expected it to be.

"Oh, Drew," I sang, lifting the stirrer completely out of the coffee and pointing it at the wall in front of me. "You just made my night."

Today, I got an email from him, asking me to pick a color to paint my new office.

These factors, in addition to my blossoming excitement to be entering into a completely new field have added up to an amazing day. Suddenly, the fact that the most of the women in the branch (including the Branch Manager and the Assistant manager) are no longer talking to me doesn't bother me. My feelings were once hurt that the bank didn't try to get me to stay, that a majority of the branch didn't care that I was leaving, but now, I'm just thrilled to go. I'm still sad to leave my boss, but the hesitation, doubt, and trepidation are gone; and in their place is a sense of urgency to get to the new job.

This morning, I drove the long winding road between Milford and Honesdale, PA, to visit Human Resources and complete my Exit Interview.

After sitting for an hour and answering various questions pertaining to my employment, my pay and the bank, I headed back out into the cold air and climbed into the car. I blasted Stevie Wonder's "For Once in My Life" as I turned into traffic, dancing and singing along, excited to be leaving the main branch's parking lot for the last time.

My last day is the 23rd. The countdown has begun.


Scoot said...

well that's just dandy news. The "pick out your paint" was certainly a nice touch!

momacita said...

hey way cool on the pay and office,,lotta good things have come your way and you deserve them,,,have a great day.

Sunney said...

The universe is lining up for you and pouring good Karma over you. You must have done something right and lived through enough heartache to really deserve some good things. Good for you, enjoy it, and know that you deserve it.

Kristi said...


More money!
How great is that!!!