Saturday, June 04, 2005

Testing, Testing

"I guess I could've ordered something a little more dainty, huh?" I said, placing my heaping cheeseburger back on its plate, my fingers dripping with its juices. I grabbed the cloth napkin I had placed on my lap to protect my jeans from any potential dinner splatter and wiped my hands clean, dabbed at my face. "Not exactly ladylike," I laughed.

"No," he said, "I think it's great. You get big points for ordering a cheeseburger - a messy one at that."

"Good to know," I said, suppressing a smile. I was happy upon walking in the restaurant to find my blind date was quite pleasing to the eye, and happier still when we immediately hit it off. So it was an added bonus that my food choice for the evening was helping me rack up the points.

But then a thought occurred to me: This was the second time a first date had applauded me for choosing something messy from the menu.

Big points? I thought. And here I thought I was the only one keeping score.

Because I do. I keep score. I watch everything he does.

Did he stand up when I entered the room?
Did he order my dinner for me?
Did he check out other women in the restaurant while I was talking?
Was he checking me out in a good way? In a bad way?
Did he say anything completely inappropriate?
Did he get the bill paid without it even getting to the table, or did he allow me to reach for, and actually pick up, the bill?
Did he make me feel sexy? Beautiful? Smart? Funny?
Did he walk me to my car?

And I guess I always knew I was being watched, too. That my actions were up for judgment just as much as his were. But, in my head, girls are the overly-analytical, hyper-judgmental ones; not the boys. But there they were, the admissions of two grown men that what I ordered said something good about me.

So what I would like to know is this: What are some of your dating tests?


The Zombieslayer said...

I like a woman who's into something - books, the piano, music, dancing. Someone who's passionate in one area is usually passionate in others.

I like a woman who could cook. Funny thing is Mrs. Zombieslayer can't and I do all the cooking.

I like tomboys.

I like girls who have a nerdy side to them.

If she picked up a cell phone and started talking while I'm in the restaurant with her, she's finding her own way home. That's so rude.

If she hates her father. Bad sign.

kate said...

You sure do have a lot of criteria for a successful date! :)

Shawn said...

Okay, you had me at 'dainty.' It's not so much a girl that eats big, but rather a girl that has that intangible thing about her. I'm not sure if it's confidence or what, but it allows her to order a big ole burger if that's what she wants...

Also, I agree with Z-slayer about the passion thing. That's true of people in general and it's darn sexy.

Your post reminded me of part of story I've been working on. Sorry if it's a bit long:

We talked for a bit and laughed. It felt good to let go a little.
Alice sashayed up to take our order. She was chuckling as she set two iced teas down for us.
“What?” I said trying to read her face.
“Nothin’... nothing at all,” responded Alice, tossing a wink at Claire. “You kids hungry?”
We ordered some lunch. Today wasn’t a conch salad kind of day, so I ordered a big, sloppy Trawlerburger. With over a third of pound of choice ground meat hand melded into a patty, cooked over open flames and seasoned with some pepper-driven Cajun sauce, there’s no mistaking a Trawlerburger for a Big Mac.
Claire wouldn’t be stopped, she wanted a messy burger too.
“I’m so tired of salads,” she said.
“You sure honey?” asked Alice with a raised eyebrow..
“Yeah, are you sure honey?” I jabbed. “That’s kind of a lot of mess for someone so dainty ...”
“I’m not sure you could handle all that burger.”
“Alice, get me the burger and make it messy.”
“It sure is good to see you two back together,” said Alice.
“We’re not actually ...” I started.
“Mmm hmm ... sure is nice to see you two back together,” said Alice as she swished off in a rustle of pink.

Ethan said...

Men absolutely score dates, the difference is we have less criteria.

Sadly, appearence is always a heavy judgement, it's far to ingrained in our subconscious.

But confidence, attitude and interests are the three biggest for me.

And I definitely echo Zombieslayer: answer a cell phone on a first date with me, and you better have cab fare.

Charlie Mc said...

I don't really have "tests." I base the success or failure of the date on how personable the woman is and how the natural chemistry between us is. Unless it's completely awkward or something insane happens, they usually get a second date with C-Mac!! :)

Ethan said...

Do you really refer to yourself as "C-Mac"?

freewriter said...

can she let a good one [belch] rip? that is the key…

Jason said...

I always tried to go to a movie by the second date. If she talked during the movie, she was out. Oh, and she had to like cats.