Monday, June 13, 2005

Laughter is the Best Medicine

"I don't wanna fight, I just wanna dance!" This proclamation was made by man on VH1's new reality show "Stripsearch," in which fifteen men compete to be one of seven chosen to dance in a Vegas male revue.

I am addicted to this show.

It all began when I was stuck in bed for two days. Not unlike American Idol, VH1 allowed me, the viewer, to accompany Rachel and Billy, the hosts, across the country to seek out the fifteen hottest men in the USA. I was privy to the good and the bad auditions, the hunks shaking their well kept bodies, and the not-so-hunky men shaking their paler, flabbier ones. And I watched all of them. After the auditions came the first day in the house, the fabulous abode the fifteen of them would live in until their numbers are whittled to only seven. The house has a full gym and a dance room. As is standard practice on reality shows, the men lumbered through their new short-term residence, and told the camera how "awesome" it is, and how they've "always wanted to live like this." But not even two days in the house, and the drama has begun.

I don't know why I'm so enthralled in it. Maybe it's because I think men dancing in a male revue are comical, not sexy. Maybe it's because the previews showed on of the Vegas-bound hopefuls crying. Maybe it's because I just can't take it seriously. But whatever the reason, I can't stop watching.

And when one of the contestants shook an enraged fist as his competitor, demanding that the fighting stop and the dancing begin, the laughter spilled out of me. And even though I was stuck in bed, miserable with a summer cold, I felt exponentially better.


Shawn said...

I love Rachel and Billy... they're so earnest and serious about the whole thing. It's like they've been tapped to choose which deserving child should get his wish from the Make-a-Wish Foundation... only it's a bunch of dudes who for some reason really want to be strippers. Ah the glorious unreality of reality shows. I love America!

kate said...

I also love watching this stupid show! These guys are hysterical.

Kiki said...

Ha ha I love this show too!!! We must be on the same wavelength because I posted about this show yeterday too!!! Wannabe male strippers are amazing and so is VH1!

Miss_Vicki said...

Damn, I didn't know of this show! I hardly ever watch VH1 any more, and I NEVER watch MTV, I have to get my groove back! :)

I'm usually busy watching baseball and the regular reality TV shows - Survivor, Bachelor, Apprentice, etc. I must broaden horizons.

indoloony said...

I watch this while working out. It's funny to watch 15 macho men doing stuff that require finesse and grace. It's a laugh riot!