Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Ladder of Success

Once every two months, my bank tells me it is necessary for me to travel the one hour from Milford to Honesdale to sit in a room and listen to new and "exciting" information about customer accounts, computer glitches and documentation issues. Really, this translates into "Sit in a room for an hour and a half and listen to somebody read to you from a piece of paper that you could very easily read from the comfort of your desk." But I enjoy going because I get to leave my office at three and drive for two hours round trip and listen to my satellite radio.

What I do NOT enjoy, however, is listening to people who make oodles more money than I do speak with little or no regard to basic English.

"Certain banks aren't going to participate in the STAR system no more."

"Some documents isn't going to be found on the directory."

These are people who have graduated from good colleges, with titles like Vice President and Compliance Officer trailing behind their names. And yet, somehow, they failed to learn the subtle art of subject-verb agreement and double negatives.

But, there I am, the lowly Administrative Assistant/Customer Service Representative with only some night courses under my belt, making a pittance for my forty hour workweek, cringing every time a grammar faux pas is made.

And they are the ones who are supposed to be training me.


Anonymous said...

That's life. Get over it. Go to school, get yourself one of those fancy titles you surreptitiously covet, and quit complaining like a little schoolgirl.

I did it. I started off in your shoes and worked in a liquor store at the same time. I did that until I reached the chief loan officer position at my branch. Eventually, I made it to CFO of a major national bank, and now I run my own financial service agency on 7th Ave. I didn't get my bachelor's degree until roughly 10 years ago. It's not impossible. My goal is to get my MBA before I die, so I figure I have about 20-30 years. I'm in no rush.

Anonymous said...

what Are wrong with Bad english

Nick said...

You can definitely tell those who've read books and those who are idiots. Corporate email is the same way. I work with someone who has two MA's and they can't write coherent sentences to save their life.

I've got a psychology paper for you to read that you would hopefully get a kick out of in regards to this...

NJ said...

Sounds like anon #1 is one of those guys that can't put a sentence together, lighten up man!