Thursday, April 07, 2005

Dane + Laurie

I was sitting in my car today while on my break, soaking in the fresh warmth of the day, smoking a cigarette and listening to Sirius Satellite Radio's Raw Dog comedy station. And there, at 3:30 in the afternoon, I developed the beginnings of a crush.

The screen of my stereo displayed the name Dane Cook as I listened to a bit that made me laugh so hard that passers-by probably thought me crazy. It was a silly little skit about him masturbating in the womb, but for whatever reason, it struck me as hilarious. I liked the sound of his voice, and the fact that he made fun of himself, but still sounded confident. Something about him turned me on. I made a mental note to check him out later.

Tonight, because I am now the proud owner of a laptop with an internet connection, I was able to look him up on the 'net. Sitting in my stifling hot room, in only my unmentionables, I listened to some of his clips and watched not one, but two of the videos on his site. I didn't just giggle, I chortled. He's kinda cute, and he gave me a good belly laugh twice today.

Now my crush is official.

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