Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cookies Anyone?

"What's this?"


He pointed to a sign taped to my desk. "This."

"Oh, it's Customer Appreciation Day tomorrow."

"What does that mean?"

"It means tomorrow we'll have little goodies here for the customers..."

"Omelets? Will you have omelets?"

"Uh...No," I said, slowly and confused. "We. . .won't. . .have. . .any. . omelets." Why would someone ask for such a thing in a bank?

"Well then, what will you have?"

"We'll have cookies and - "

"Cookies? We're not kids! Customers aren't kids!" He was getting angry over cookies?


"So, what's the benefit of coming?"


"For cookies? I'm supposed to come in tomorrow for cookies?"

"No. You don't have to come in tomorrow at all. Everybody here is bringing in a little something for the customers. That's all."


"Well, yeah."

"Oh. Good. I'll see you tomorrow."


Anonymous said...

who was that, sound's crazy, was it your crazy brother?


NJ said...

What about tacos? You gonna have tacos there, huh. I like tacos.

Scoot said...

NJ is precisely the kind of guy that would get irritated because there are NO omlettes. :)

tumbleweed said...

yep, that confirms it. I hate people.

Laurie said...

I had a friend suggest that I set up a grill behind my desk and cook some steaks. I agreed that it was a fabulous idea, and suggested that I wear a puffy chef's hat and an apron proclaiming "Kiss the Cook!"

I mean, why not?


Brian said...

You should give that guy a bunch of cookies when he comes in.

Then when he is done, hide the milk.

BP said...

I don't suppose that your bank would have allowed your to mace the guy.

BTW, watch out, I have seen NJ down 5 brats in under 5 minutes. How is that possible?