Monday, January 30, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

So, after finding the perfect ring, finding it was too big, returning it, searching for weeks, and one near hit that became a miss, we found a ring for Billy.

You may notice that it is not the same ring that we picked out initially. So you'll also notice that this one could not be mistaken for a piece of hardware found at the local Home Depot (Mom...). But it's still Armani, and Billy loves it.

I got home Wednesday, after my search and subsequent disappointment with regard to the "Nut Ring," as it was titled by the seller, to find Billy in front of the computer, the bright primary colors of eBay glowing on the screen before him. "I found a bunch of rings," he announced as I dropped my purse and coat on the couch behind him. "Come look at them and pick one out." He was telling the truth: On his "Watched Items" list was no less than ten rings, all in his size and all to his liking. He had narrowed the search for me, and left it my hands to pick out the final ring for him.

But the way he made me click on this particular ring first, and how he reminded me (over and over again) that it was his size, told me that he took a particular shine to this one. He liked the weathered silver, the leather in the middle of the band, and probably liked the fact that the "Emporio Armani" logo wasn't splashed across the outside of the ring, but sat like a secret on the inside of the band.

So I clicked "Buy It Now."

And PayPal wouldn't work.

We contacted the seller and advised him (or her?) that we bought it, and would pay for it just as soon as PayPal decided to cooperate. For three days PayPal told us to try again later. It gave us so much grief that I finally contacted the seller again and told him/her that I'd have to send a check.

Then, late on Saturday night, we tried PayPal one last time.

And it worked!

So, in a few days, we'll get a package in the mail containing Billy's long-overdue birthday gift. He'll be a marked man, wearing the ring that I gave him. Finally.


Serra said...

Paypal is usually a PITA directly after they do an update to improve service. Sadly, I'm used to that.

Lunchy McBox said...

Also, you probably shouldn't search for "nut ring" on ebay. You may not like what you find.

Anonymous said...

My other friends on Blogger told me to check out your I did. I hope you're open to advice, because girl you need some. I had a girlfriend like you once, HAD being the operative word. Sometimes less is more. After reading only a few of your blogs, I couldn't go on. They all seem to be the same boring topic. You share so much about your boyfriend and so little about you. Is he okay with this? I know I wouldn't be. As long as your blogs go on like this, I can't see anyone reading them. They make me want to puke.

Your blogs are so Britney Spears: "You were born to make him happy."

Laurie said...

Why thank you for the advice, Anonymous. I appreciate it greatly. However, our definitions of the word "advice" may differ a tad. I consider "advice" to mean some sort of constructive criticsm. Not "they make me want to puke." But, hey, to each his own. And excellent use of the word "puke," by the way. I don't say that enough anymore. Not since I turned eleven, anyway.

And, I'm sure you're a highly intelligent individual - not that I would know since you bravely chose to remain anonymous - but I'll go ahead and clarify for you that my writing here is a small piece of the whole of me. Please, allow my other half and me to judge what he is okay with, and refrain from assuming that you have any insight to the situation. And, if it makes you - or anybody else, for that matter - want to, as you so eloquently put it, "puke," then you're welcome to click the "Next Blog" button on the top of the page, and move on.

But thanks for reading!

Lunchy McBox said...

Ha! Blog fight! Dude, everybody knows that a guy that describes something as "So Britney Spears," never really had a girlfriend. I bet you once had a penis, too. HAD being the operative word. You know...why don't you keep your shit off this nice lady's blog. Go "puke" if you have to. That's always a manly thing to do. I'm surprised you still have the gag reflex.

Popeye said...

I like reading your blog, Laurie.

Anonymous said...

*I'm not the above anonymous*

I like reading your blog. It gives me hope that eventually I can find someone who will love me the way Billy loves you. Keep it up!!

Doug said...

I guess a ring is better than a ball and chain. Kidding. It's a nice ring. I had one similar to this at one point in time but it was actually a bearing casing that I cleaned up and wore until my fingers grew too big for the ring. I should really go find another one. Out of curiosity, what was the search queries used on ebay?

kate said...

you tell them laurie!

and i'm glad you finally found him a ring.

Laurie said...

Thank you Lunchy, first of all.

Popeye and Anonymous commentor #2, thank you for enjoying my writing, regardless (or even because of) my subject matter of late. I appreciate it.

Doug, I typed in "Armani Ring" to find that. Although, I do like your idea of just polishing up a bearing casing!

And, Kate, thanks. I'm glad I found him a ring, too.

Jaqlin said...

i've been outta touch with reading your blog - but it's addicting. maybe that "anonymous" person is someone u knew at that bank u used to work at. ;) u have a wonderful writing skill - which is why i have your blog linked. keep on typin! =)