Thursday, January 20, 2005

Homeward Bound

I got a call yesterday giving me permission to move into my new place.

I've spent the last two months shacking up with my parents because I was in between places of residence. And I love my parents...I adore them, actually. As far as a family goes, I believe that I hit the jackpot. They're supportive and funny and wonderful and they let me have my freedom...But the fact remains that I was living with my parents at 24. And I had been out of the house for a significant period of time, thus making me horribly maladjusted to the environment in my parents' house. Moving back home, however temporary it may be, didn't allow me to feel like a single, independent 24 year old; Instead, I felt like I was stuck in a time warp with the knowledge and experience of the aforementioned 24 year old, but with the living conditions of a 15 year old. Telling anyone that I lived with the 'rents was quickly followed by an explanation: "Oh, but only for a few months. I'm in between places right now. My new house is gorgeous: It has a pool and a hot tub and a lot of property and hardwood floors...But, yeah, I'm living with mom and dad."

In my own place, I was used to waking up on Saturday morning and watching VH1's Top Twenty Countdown and Best Week Ever before I even considered getting out of bed. I was used to watching TV alone, and in silence. I was used to not speaking to anyone unless I chose to by picking up the phone or visiting a house. I was used to not telling anyone where I was going. It's strange to have to be accountable for my whereabouts. My parents want to know where I'm going, what I'm doing, with whom I will be spending my time. My answers changed from honest ("To the Garden of Eden," "Alex and Nancy's house," "To see Patty") to smartass quips:

"I'm in trouble with my pimp."
"I'm hoping to have anonymous sex with strangers."
"To smoke some crack. But I'll be back right after, I promise."

So it's nice to know that within a week, I'll be able to sit at home, or go out, and not have to explain anything to anyone. Except for my pimp, of course.

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Anonymous said...

congrats sis,
you know i'll be over there, like, every day durring my spring break. lol on the other hand, i guess it wasn't important enough for you to e mail your little brother who's at military college and is shut off from the world.