Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Keep Those Paychecks Comin'

I just had my one-year employee review. It went really well, actually. Far better than I'd anticipated that's for sure.

My boss did, however, mention that I'm on the internet a little too often. Okay, a lot too often. He's noticed that I hop on the internet instead of using my downtime productively. Touché.

But that was his one complaint in a sea of praises. Thank GOD.

And what am I doing? Getting on the internet to talk about it. I'm brilliant.

So I need to, uh, get back to work. But I wanted to share that with you. Because it's a good thing, and I'm excited about it. And, also, some people out there think I complain too much and that people are going to get sick of reading that. So, instead, LOOK AT ME! I'M AWESOME! I GOT A GOOD REVIEW! Why take time to write well-crafted and heartfelt posts, when all people really want is my Weekend in Review in list form, replete with a shoddy, abbreviated and ill-capitalized use of the English language!? Maybe if I just post a lot of inane lists and silly wishes, I'll be more popular! Who knew!

ANYWAY, this whole review/internet thing means the posting during the daytime should dwindle to next to nothing (I can't promise complete internet chastity.), and my nearly non-existent commenting will also have to be limited to after working hours.

Which is but a small price to pay for a secure job and a happy employer, right?


Stef Rosado said...

Hey Woman! You are such a great writer.... just thought I'd drop in and see what this smart cookie had to say. If ppl get mad at you because of blogger than maybe they are just jealous of your talent. Anywho.... love ya!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats on the good review.

Liz said...

That is the same comment I get on my yearly review as well. Congrats on the great review!

anno said...

Ms. Divine -- Of course you got a good review. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Why were you expecting anything less than a wonderful review? :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Why were you expecting anything less than a wonderful review? :)

tiff said...

I'm afraid to get a review for that reason.

Heartfelt posts? Who needs em! DIVINITY RULZ!! LOL! BFF! LMAO!!

(just kidding. please never change.)

Anonymous said...

This comment would probably be added to my review if I actually worked in an office. Thankfully, I do not. Congrats chica! Hopefully they gave you a nice raise to go along with all those praises.