Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm Very Busy on Saturdays

It's noon on Saturday, and I'm sitting in my bed, my toenails wet, and watching The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel. I've been watching either MTV or VH1 all morning and fixing my feet. Because something happens to a woman when the need to wear open toed shoes suddenly vanishes with the first gust of cold winter air: She forgets, almost entirely, about her feet. So the polish sort of starts to flake off and look pretty gnarly. Add to that the fact that my poor toenail has been broken down the center for, oh, about three weeks now, and I've been bandaging it up every day to avoid its jagged edges getting caught on socks and whatnot, and my feet are in a pretty sad state. Every day, I say I'm going to sit down and make a new, complete toenail out of nail glue and cotton balls to eliminate the need for the ceremonial morning toe-wrapping. But every day, I think of something I'd rather do. Like, go out to eat or have a glass of wine, or watch TV, or play on the computer or do laundry or just sit and stare at the wall. Anything, really. So, this morning, somewhere between the Making the Band 3 marathon and the VH1 Top Twenty Countdown, I decided to go for it and do my toes.

Now, a mess of nail glue, one cotton ball, one pair of ruined, gluey scissors, one ruined, gluey nail clipper, a set of THREE nail files, two types of paint, a lot of contortionism, some Q-tips and one oh-shit-I-glued-my-fingers-together incident, my toes are now polished a lovely shade of deep, deep maroon and currently drying.

The thing is, it's my Saturday off, and this is all I'm doing. I mean, I always have these big plans for the infrequent Saturday I'm not forced to spend in the office. I think, "I'll go shopping!" Or "I'll clean the house!" Or "I'm going to clean my car!" I always think I'll be getting up and at 'em early and keep going all day, because I'm not in the office. But this is what always ends up happening. I lay in bed, I think about doing other stuff, and then I watch all the reality television my brain can handle with out melting, and I don't get out of bed until about 2.

Which means, I guess, that I can stay here for two more hours.


anno said...
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Dentac Crew!!! said...

Hey Laurie, I know this is supposed to be a comment for this recent blog, but we're going to change that! It's Chrissy and Melis, we work with your mom...We're trying to convince her to come to a party this Sat night at 7 (you're invited too) It's called "slumber party" and you don't need pj's or a sleeping can probably figure it out. There will be lots of wine and nice Italian food to go along with it and it will probably be a good story for you to post the very next day! So if you can convince your mom as well as yourself to come out and have a good time...go for it! Write to your mom and bug her...we're trying our best here! Sorry for using your blog to write you this, but Chrissy and I had no other choice. Thanks! :)

Kristi said...

laughing my ass off at your "one oh-shit-I-glued-my-fingers-together incident"