Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It's The Dryer's Fault, I Swear

When do you, when you’re in a relationship, get to the moment where you stop worrying that everything is still going well, that he’s still into you? When do you reach that point of security? I know it’s there somewhere, I just can’t figure out where or when, exactly, I’ll find it.

I do know this, though. You will not find it when you are pre-menstrual; when it’s six days away from your birthday; when you’re feeling like your belly and hips have swollen to mythic proportions in the past few days; when you’re busy blaming your suddenly-a-little-bit-tighter pants on the absence of both a cold-water cycle on your washer and a low-heat setting on your dryer.

Because no matter how great the guy, how wonderfully reassuring he is, the aforementioned issues will always stand in the way of security. For me, anyway. Especially the tight pants.


Scoot said...

Hmmm. i don't know, L. I'd quit worrying if I were you. I think he's into you. :)

portuguesa nova said...

I think I was actually engaged to my husband and we were in the middle of a pretty bad argument when I realized, "No matter what comes out of this fight, we're still going to love each other." It was freeing and scary and the last bad argument we ever had.

Islandgirl said...

You know what else sucks about being happy- gaining weight!

I always have the hardest time writing and not eating until my belly explodes!!!